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12V DC 3 LED IP67 Edge-lit Side LED Modules For Light Box and Signs Lighting

Product Benefits :
1 . Uniform and efficient illumination at high LED pitches thanks to oval optics design.
2 . Excellent optical design can meet long light box uniformity requirement - best for thin and small light box.
3 . Significantly better application effciency compared to systems without lenses.
4 . Long lifetime 6 years warranty.
5 . CE RoHS approval, and best factory wholesale price.

12V DC Edge Side LED Modules For Small Thin Light Box

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Paramenters :

Model LED LED Qty Emit Angle Voltage Power Package
HM-D01/C Lumileds 3LED 11*40° 12V DC 1.32 40pcs/group
warranty : 6 years
waterproof :IP67
brightness : 140LM/pcs

Innovation optics design ARC lens - 11*40° Best lighting efficiency : For Small Thin Light Box Side Lighting

Dimension of the 1.32W high power injection side-lit led modules :

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Brand new Innovation Optics : 11*40° , best lighting efficiency :

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Best for thin and small light box side lighting :

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Products Img :

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